How to Buy Bitcoin on QuadrigaCX

Modified on: 2018-01-09 14:58:04 -0500

Once you have registered, completed verification and funded your account with dollars, you can then trade your dollars on our CAD/XBT or USD/XBT orderbooks for Bitcoin which will instantly appear within your account’s built-in wallet on the exchange and become available for withdrawal.  For small or quick-fill orders where setting a limit price may not be of great importance, you can buy using the Dashboard section to place a market order. For larger trades we recommend using the Trade section to place a limit order and wait for it to fill at a specific price you desire.

Steps to Buying Bitcoin:

1. Create an account -

2. Complete verification -

3a.  Fund your account with CAD:

3b.  Fund your account with USD:

4.  Trade your dollars for Bitcoin -

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