Past 5 business days and wire funds not credited. Why?

Modified on: 2017-07-12 13:56:37 -0400

While the large majority of users who send bank wires experience their funds being credited to their account within 2-5 business days, there's always a hand-full that don't follow instructions verbatim and cause delays for themselves.

 Here are the common reason for delays or rejection of your bank wire funding:

  1. Your QCX Client ID was not included within the notes or reference
  2. Name on the wire doesn't match the name on your QuadrigaCX account
  3. You sent from a 3rd party account or had a 3rd party send, which is strictly prohibited and border line fraud. We can only accept funds that match the name of the user we verified.
  4. You sent from a business account but only verified a personal account with QuadrigaCX. Articles of Incorporation are required to prove you are in control of the company you sent funds from. You may upload your business documents on the verification page 
  5. Your bank sent the funds in a different currency than the receiving account is in. The matching currency must be sent otherwise it may get rejected or if accepted you'll lose +/-6% because of all the currency conversion taking place on either end.
  6. You just sent the wire without checking if the banking info has changed. Initiation of your funding request is to be complete each time for you to view the wire info within the pending funding section. 
  7. You didn't upload the receipt within the platform.

Please follow the instructions within the site verbatim to save yourself hassle, worry etc.

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