What is Crypto Capital Withdrawal?

Modified on: 2017-07-14 15:12:11 -0400

Crypto Capital is an international financial service provider that connects client funds with their financial institutions and other participating exchanges. Clients who have a Crypto Capital account benefit from the ability to withdraw from the exchange via an instant transfer between Crypto Capital accounts, which we manually complete within 24hrs of payment confirmation. Once you have funds within your Crypto Capital you can send them to another exchange that supports Crypto Capital fundings or withdraw them within their online platform via Bank Wire to your everyday personal or business accounts. If you would like to open a free account you may register here and reference QuadrigaCX as the introducer name to expedite your application.

Primary Benefits:

  1. Traders interested in moving funds from one exchange that supports Crypto Capital to another benefit from instant account to account transfers without having to withdraw to their bank account first from one exchange and then resend to another -- costing fees and delays in time. This is quite popular among arbitrage traders.

  2. Current time frames on our site for bank wire withdrawals are 4-10 business days. However, to potentially receive funds faster, users can create a Crypto Capital account to receive the funds from us within 24hrs via the Crypto Capital to Crypto Capital instant account transfer option. Once you receive these funds you could then withdraw from Crypto Capital online via bank wire to your personal or business bank account -- taking greater control of your funds faster.

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