Bank Wire SWIFT for USD Funding Doesn't Match. Why?

Modified on: 2017-12-15 18:42:42 -0500

Clients have been successfully using the USD bank wire info, that is displayed within the site after you initiate your fundings and click "View Instructions" on the "Pending Funding" page, since we put this info live.  However, occasionally we do hear that some Canadian bank's pull up different info when they enter the SWIFT code into their system.  Our conclusion is that their system needs to be updated.  In any case, if your bank is having trouble finding a match based on the info we provide please ask them to search for the SWIFT code without the 3 X's at the end as it may yield a different result. X's in SWIFT codes are just placeholders and not completely necessary.  The most important info to match when sending a bank wire is the bank's name and SWIFT and the beneficiary's name and account number.

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