Can't send CAD Bank Wire to Crypto Capital, why?

Modified on: 2018-01-14 19:16:33 -0500

You can use Crypto Capital to transfer CAD or USD to us from funds you already have within your Crypto Capital account. Most traders have funds in their Crypto Capital account from selling crypto currency on one exchange and requesting the CAD or USD be sent to them via internal transfer withdrawal from the exchange's Crypto Capital account to theirs.  Sending funds from one exchange to another via Crypto Capital internal transfers is greatly popular among those doing multi-exchange arbitrage.  

You can also send a USD wire to Crypto Capital to get USD into your account with them.  However, they aren't able to accept a CAD Bank Wire at this time due to Canadian correspondent banks de-risking and foregoing partnership with international financial providers.

However, they can’t find their Crypto Capital account with CAD as CC can’t accept CAD wires because of Canadian correspondent banks derisking.  

No issues with USD.  

So, no issues funding a QCX account with funds they already have in CC.  It’s just that they can’t get CAD into CC via wire.  uSD unaffected 

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