Where Do I Upload a Void Cheque or PAD Form?

Modified on: 2017-12-17 19:37:47 -0500

When you initiate your Electronic Funds Transfer funding request from the CAD funding page the system prompts you to enter you banking information, including account and transit numbers. Once you have entered your account information a pending funding request is created and the site presents you with an upload feature to provide the void check or online equivalent and the signed PAD form.  This pending funding will stay active for one hour, after which it will cancel on its own if you do not upload the forms. If you have left the page and need to upload the forms you can always access it again from the "Pending Funding" page which is accessible through the "Dashboard" page.  If you no longer see your pending funding it means it has been cancelled as one hour has passed without you uploading the required docs — simply start a new request and complete the process.

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