I Sent An Interac e-Transfer But No Funds In My Account. Why?

Modified on: 2017-12-19 13:15:37 -0500

Common reasons why the funds for your Interac e-Transfer at not yet added to your QuadrigaCX account:

a) It is not yet beyond the Next Business Day time frame quoted on the funding page. Please be patient and wait the full business day.

b) The name on the bank account the funds were sent from don't match the name with your QuadrigaCX profile.

c) You didn't include your Client ID in the notes/memo field, which is imperative.

d) You didn't initiate the funding request within the site from the funding page, as per the instructions.

e) You sent an amount lower than the minimum of $2,000. Please send the rest to total $2,000 or more.

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