I sent Ether to my QuadrigaCX account, where is it?

Modified on: 2017-12-24 11:55:21 -0500

1. First, ensure your wallet or exchange provider actually sent your Ether and they are live on the blockchain.

 2. Once your transaction hits the blockchain It will take time to confirm on the network and become available for trading on QuadrigaCX, there is nothing we can do to speed this up. You just have to wait for the number of required confirmations noted on the respective funding page for that crypto currency — Bitcoin is 4 confirmations, Bitcoin Cash is 4, Bitcoin Gold is 4, Ether is 12 and Litecoin is 6.

Note: As noted on the funding page, sending any coin or token other than Ether to the Ether wallet address results in the loss of your funding. This means no

Ether Classic (ETC) or ICO tokens.  Sorry, there is nothing we can do if you make this mistake.

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