I sent funds with Crypto Capital. Where are they?

Modified on: 2018-01-14 20:04:41 -0500

When you send funds with the Crypto Capital funding option, it may take up until the next business day before they are credited to your QuadrigaCX balance 

— weekends and statutory holidays do not count as business days. If it's past the next business day and the funds have still not been credited to your account, here are common reason why:

a. You forgot to upload a screenshot, of the completed transaction from with your Crypto Capital account, to the pending funding section of QuadrigaCX as proof of payment. 

b. You created the transaction but never actually authorized Crypto Capital to send the funds. Solution: login to your Crypto Capital account, click on "Pending Transfers" and then enter your authorization password/code to send the funds.

c. You sent USD to our CAD account number or vice-versa. We can only receive funds via Crypto Capital internal transfer if you send from a matching currency account.

d. We have a backlog of fundings and simply just haven't added yours yet. Not to worry, it will be completed as soon as humanly possible.

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