Security Reminders

Modified on: 2018-09-28 10:12:29 -0400

We wanted to reach out to our customers and take a moment to cover some security tips regarding your account.

Recently we have been advised of phishing site’s trying to impersonate our service. While it’s our customers responsibility to ensure the safety of your password and client ID. We wanted to remind you of a few simple steps you can take to do this.

  1. Always write the URL for the site yourself instead of using google or another service.

  2. Always verify the URL is correct, when your on our site you will see a secure lock in the URL.

  3. Your able to click this lock to verify the information even further.

  4. Generally a phishing site will be very similar to our URL, they are looking to catch customers misspelling a URL by a couple letters. And generally employ tactics like getting their fake URL to trend and be the first hits on a search engine.

  5. When landing on one of these phishing sites, generally the full site won’t work. Only the login area will generally work. In the example below the phishing site tries to get all of your pertinent account information on login. Other site’s may try asking for your pin number as well on login.

8. When receiving emails from our support team, these same steps can be employed to ensure your communicating with us and not a phishing site.

9. Emails will always come from unless otherwise stated in your communications with us.

10. We will not text our customers, if you get messages like this. Please be sure to block and delete the number and message.

10. Always have some form of 2fa enabled on your account. Also remember email 2fa is only as secure as your email is, having Google Authenticator enabled on your account and on a secure device is one of the strongest forms of protection.

11. If in doubt never be afraid to reach out to our support team directly, please be sure to collect screenshots. Our support center to reach out directly to our team is here

12. Our service will not block your account then contact you via email. If holds are placed on your account you will be notified on login and asked to contact us directly.

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